ULeak Contact: Malware and Security Monitoring for Websites


We can be reached in many ways, depending on the request. Email is always preferred when other options are available.
Please use the contact form below or write us a mail at info@uleak.de. We help you to protect and clean your site now.

About us

ULeak is a website security and monitoring platform provided by crossvault gmbh. Your professional partner for innovative applications, website security and high availability serverhosting.

ULeak helpdesk

Already a customer? We are here to help! Just visit our helpdesk for personal support.

Crossvault GmbH
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83377 Vachendorf, DE
P: +49 861 21 398 99-0
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W: http://crossvault.de

What do we use?

Our tools are built by us and people with great passion for website security.