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Customer dashboard

Login to your personal dashboard to manage your websites.

Scan and process history

Find a history to all proceeded scans and check.

Blacklist detail view

Is your website blacklisted? We can help you to get off.

Malware scanning results

Hold the security of your site up-to-date. If your site is infected ULeak will find the reason.

Download files and API

Find your API credentials and the integration guide in your profil. Just copy and paste the ULeak SECURE Seal to your site.

Password compliance

All API request will be evaluated and listed on each website`s detail page.

WordPress monitoring plugin

This plugin provides a malware scan to find all backdoor scripts and potential risks within your WordPress installations.

WordPress plugin overview

Connect to ULeak with your API credentials. All scanning results will be transferred to your dashboard.

WordPress malware results

ULeak searches the files, posts and comments on your website.

WordPress plugin and theme updates

Monitor the security and version of your installed plugins and themes.


A mark of trust. You can display the ULeak SECURE Seal to your customers to give them the peace of mind that your website is safe.

WordPress plugin download

We are publishing new features and plugin versions on github.com and in the offical WordPress plugin repository.

Your personal portfolio

Configure and manage your monitored website slots.

Manage your portfolio slots

Upgrade to more slots and change the url or notification settings here.

Generate a full report

A report is the best and fastest way to get a security overview of all your sites.

Risk prevention

These risks may not be crucial but by solving them you may act proactively towards preventing attacks.

Risk prevention examples

Here you can find vulnerability results from Nikto scans together with outdated and insecure WordPress plugins and themes.

Easy Setup

Simply add your website in our dashboard and a full security scan will be initiated immediately.

We will subsequently scan your website every 24 hours.

Monitoring & Analyse

Receive your website scanner results by a ULeak email alert or find them in your personal, easy to use dashboard featuring detailed statistics for every scan.

Implementation & Cleanup

Using our security suite you should be able to act preemptively to avoid future attacks.
ULeak offers you access to an expert support team that will assist you with any inquiry.

What we use?

Our tools are built by us and people with great passion for website security.