How does ULeak work to get all your sites monitored and clean of malware?
multiple website monitoring
Malware Scan

We provide accurate Malware clean-up and hacking recovery plans. Protect your website visitors and prevent traffic loss today with real-time malware detection and instant notifications! This online URL scanner investigates URLs and checks for suspicious scripts, malicious media and other web security threats hidden into legitimate content and located on websites.

  • Pharmacy keyword scan
  • Defacement scan
  • Sql injection
  • Checks for outdated server components
  • Execute arbitrary commands and retrieve database output
  • XSS cross-site-scripting
  • Google bad-word detection (more)
  • Clean urls and backlinks

ULeak automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers. It comes with a powerful detection engine and many nice features. We also will send you an email alert if an infected file or security leak was found.

Security Prevention

These risks may not be crucial but by solving them you may act proactively towards preventing attacks. You can get further information via OSVDB or request help from us. ULeak used the following tools to detect security risks on your site.

Security tools and auditing:

SSL Monitoring: Unfortunately ssl certificates can be faulty, misconfigured, expired or even compromised. With ULeak you got the perfect tool to manage and monitor your certificates.

Scan your website with our free ssl scanner.

Blacklist Scan

When your website is found to contain malicious content it will be added to a network of various blacklists. This will dramatically impact your website's visibility in search engines. Find out more about blacklisting here. ULeak scans public blacklists for indications that a monitored website has been blacklisted every day. Additionally, this also includes full coverage of email blacklists.

In case of such an event you will receive a priority notification from us and we will assist you in preventing and recovering any damage to your search engine ranking and ability to use your email.

Check your websites with our free blacklist scanner.

Password Compliance

With ULeak you have a feature that can check all specified passwords against our leaked password repository. This repository is created on a regular basis and consists of already cracked passwords only. These have been derived from public password-leaks and years of experience working with hashcat. Furthermore we actively scan for new password leaks and add them to the collection regularly.

We provide a exclusive developer API for password requests in plaintext or md5 encrypted. You can easy build your own applications to check the passwords of your customers or administrator accounts. Our WordPress plugin has already a password checker included - find the results in your dashboard.

  • Leaked passwords 194 459 270
  • Wordpress plugin integration
  • Password request API
  • Personal API login key
  • Developer installation and integration guide
  • Max 1000 request per day
Availability Monitoring

In your dashboard you can find all details about the availability of your website. We use the fast and scalable elastic search to save and provide a detailed view of your websites data.

ULeak will send every 5 minutes a request to your web-server to measure the response-time and your server status. This makes it a perfect fit for your web application monitoring and optimization.

  • Result charts and graphics
  • Measure server response time
  • Average response time
  • Web-server up / downtime
  • Fast elastic search database
  • Response code evaluation

We’re always online, even when your visitors are offline.

Security Reports

A report is the best and fastest way to get a security overview of all your sites. The report will list all malware, blacklist, security risks, ssl checks and password compliance results for each website you have chosen.

  • Configure the date range and websites for your report
  • Generate a full security overview for all your websites
  • Download your reports as PDF document
  • Configure the interval of your recurring report
  • Receive a weekly or monthly reports by mail

In your reports you will also find a full history of all proceeded scans.

Email notifications

Notifications are automatic emails that are sent when a security risks appears. Manage your notification settings and configure your alert messages for each domain.

  • Malware and infected files
  • Blacklisted
  • CMS core updates
  • WordPress plugin and theme updates
  • WordPress plugin and theme security risks
  • SSL Check
  • Leaked password
  • Common security risks

If you no longer wish to receive notifications, you can turn them off.

CMS Update Service

Hold your Content Management System up to date! ULeak supports the popular Wordpress, TYPO3, Drupal, Joomla and Magento systems.

With the ULeak WordPress plugin our customers can find new plugin or theme updates of multiple wp-installations in their dashboard. The scanning and update results will synchronized every day from your websites to ULeak.

  • CMS version checker
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • WordPress theme updates

Our team can also help you to update your CMS or solve individual problems for you.

Wordpress Plugin

A WordPress multi-website security plugin to find malware and potential risks on plugins and core files. ULeak is a great tool to monitor the security of many WP installations in a dashboard overview. The plugin is scheduled to perform a daily transfer of your scanning results to your ULeak subscription.

Features and services:

  • Malware and SQL Injection scan
  • Database and XSS Cross-Site-Scripting scan
  • Plugin update and security risk scan
  • Scheduled cloud synchronization of new results
  • Daily scheduled scan (wp-cronjob)
  • Admin password compliance (validation)
  • ULeak SECURE Seal widget and shortcode
  • Login IP logger

We are publishing new features and plugin versions on the offical WordPress plugin repository.

What we can do for you

Malware Cleanup

Add and authorize your website in our dashboard via a simple and guided process.

Our experts can clean your site in a few hours!

For more details and our pricing contact the ULeak helpdesk.

Security Risk Removal

Automated cleanup tool for WordPress, the most popular CMS.

Contact our support for individual problem solving.

We will help you!

Blacklist Removal

Protect your hard-earned search engine rankings.

We will help you mitigate damage to your company's image.

Don't compromise your brand

Website Monitoring

Make sure you are always online.

We scan your website every 5 minutes and inform you when downtime occurs.

Do not let downtime affect your Internet presence!

SSL Checker

Certificates can be faulty, misconfigured, expired or even compromised.

We scan your SSL certificates every day and inform about any risk.

You can find our free ssl scanner here.


We are here to help. Save time by starting your support request online and we'll connect you to an expert.

We can help you to remove malware, blacklist entrys and vulnerabilities from your website.

FAQ - General Questions

Find here frequently asked questions about our cleanup services, wordpress plugin and general membership terms.

Our services are popular with systems administrators, website owners, security professionals and hobbyists. Current clients are based around the world and vary from small business to government agencies; hobbyists to IT professionals.
Yes you can! As long as you have permission of course, while some of our security scanners are passive others are more aggressive and should only be targeted against systems you have permission to scan.
At least one file is malicious. The malware status is assigned to files containing vulnerability exploits and other known threats.
ULeak is capable to detect javascript exploits found in HTML pages, malicious keywords and pharmacy exploits hidden in your content. ULeak also detect backdoor scripts and other vulnerabilities like SQL Injections and XSS Cross-Site-Scripting.
My site got infected and I didn’t receive any alerts. This shouldn’t happen. Please check your spam box and if there is really nothing there please open a ticket in our system and we’ll check this out.
  • Malware
  • Blacklist
  • CMS update
  • Leaked password
  • Vulnerability
  • SSL expiration date
  • SSL vulnerability

We will send you additional security report every week.

There is no guarantee! ULeak improves your security and our support team will help you fast and reliable.
Our system can find your website on Google and Phishtank blacklist. Just send us a Blacklist Removal request from our helpdesk and we will help you step by step to get clean.

Wordpress Security Plugin

The ULeak Scanner Plugin for wordpress will audit and detect malware using a remote scanner. It does not remove malware, but does offer a path to the payload when available, and additional recommendations to help you get your website cleaned.
Yes! Multisite installations will need to use one installation of the plugin, which means all the sites will share the scanning results and leaked password information to your ULeak cloud.
It is just required to install and activate the plugin. A automated update will produced optimized on your wordpress version. Our plugin works as paid service an you have to register a membership subscription to activate the plugin by using an API key from your ULeak dashboard.

We regularly maintain and update our extensions for compatibility and feature enhancements. You can subscribe to receive notifications of updates from the offical wordpress plugin repository (svn) or from github.

The Cleanup Process

Yes we do! Please contact our helpdesk with your cleanup order. There is no fix price - we will make you a good offer.
In order to begin the cleanup process, we need access to your server and it's associated files. We get this access in the form of FTP, sFTP, or SSH access to your server. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, SFTP for Secure File Transfer Protocol, and SSH for Secure Shell. To do so, you'll need to be willing to share access information to your hosting account.
The first thing you want to do after signing up is add your website to the monitoring dashboard. Then you will submit a malware removal request, here is a direct link to the form. Once the ticket is received it will be assigned and all further communication will occur via the ticketing system.

No! The focus of our service is it to scan your website and find malicious code. So as a result you can solve potential security risks and clean your website from malware by yourself or together with our support team.

Easy Setup

Simply add your website in our dashboard and a full security scan will be initiated immediately.

We will subsequently scan your website every 24 hours.

Monitoring & Analysis

Receive your website scanner results by a ULeak email alert or find them in your personal, easy to use dashboard featuring detailed statistics for every scan.

Implementation & Cleanup

Using our security suite you should be able to act preemptively to avoid future attacks.
ULeak offers you access to an expert support team that will assist you with any inquiry.

What we use?

Our tools are built by us and people with great passion for website security.