ULeak Pricing: Malware and Security Monitoring for Websites

Starter Trial Subscription 1 month free

Free Trial Month Free Test Month No Payment

  • 5 Website slots included

Beginner Additional website slots

35.88 per Year €2.99 per Month Fix price for 12 Months

  • 1 Website slot included

Pro Additional website slots

155.88 per Year €12.99 per Month Fix price for 12 Months

  • 5 Website slot included

Expert Additional website slots

299.88 per Year €24.99 per Month Fix price for 12 Months

  • 10 Website slot included

Questions about a ULeak subscription

No you are not locked into any subscription. The Beginner, Pro and Expert membership lasts for 12 months and will expire if you do not chose to renew. A reminder email will be sent 14 days before expiry. The Starter subscription is free for one month and can be canceled always. The payment process is done by paypals recurring payment abbonent.
Payment is via Credit Card or PayPal. There are No lock in contracts or subscriptions. Once payment is made you will be directed to a signup page where you enter your primary email; this will be used for the login and delivery of your scan results.
Yes, we definitely do but you'll need to engage our team via email at support@uleak.de. Our pricing list with a special discount starts from 100 websites.
Yes get a "Starter Trial Subscription". You can test all services one month for free. There are 5 website slots included. Confirm each website slots until your trial month will expired. Of cause you can confirm and purchase just for one website slot.
Yes, we offer various upgrade options once you are subscribed. If you do not find the upgrade you're looking for, please submit a ticket and our support team will help.
There are no extra fees, no additional taxes, and no hidden costs. The price you see is the price that you pay. All of our prices are listed in EUR, and the conversion will be automatically handled by Paypal.

What we use?

Our tools are built by us and people with great passion for website security.